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Archbishop Chaput’s New Book Addresses Man’s Greatest Spiritual Poverty: Not Knowing How to Die

If we do not have a clear idea of our final end, then we will not know how to begin living. By Father Paul Scalia, National Cathpolic Register, March 13, 2021 Things Worth Dying For: Thoughts on a Life Worth Living By Charles J. Chaput “On your walls, Jerusalem, I have set my... read more


Catholic League president Bill Donohue, a valued member of our Catholic Citizens of Illinois Advisory Board, comments on the way some Catholics are reacting to the Vatican statement on gay unions: Freedom From Religion Foundation, an anti-Catholic organization, is not happy with the recent... read more

Awakening Consciences About Abortion-Tainted Vaccines

By Tracy Trasancos, Crisis, March 19, 2021Bishop Joseph Strickland (Tyler, TX), along with Dr. Catherine Ruth Pakaluk, myself, and two others, recently released the statement “To Awaken Conscience” regarding the scandal given by Catholic leaders’ widespread acceptance of abortion-tainted... read more

Chicago considers canceling Marquette University’s namesake from public parks

By Esther Wermer, The College Fix, March 18, 2021 Jacques Marquette’s order said they trust the city to do a good job A Chicago advisory committee tasked with exploring controversial works of art has set its sights on four works of art that honor the legacy of Midwestern explorer and... read more

Cardinal Marx’s Handling of Abuse Cases Under Scrutiny

A criminologist who was commissioned by the German bishops to investigate clergy abuse cases has alleged that the cardinal intervened to undermine his investigation. By Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, March 17, 2021 VATICAN CITY — German Cardinal Reinhard Marx has rejected as... read more

Teaching to Get to Heaven

By Fr. John Henry, Crisis, March 6, 2021 “If young people are educated properly, we have moral order; if not, vice and disorder prevail. Religion alone can initiate and achieve a true education.”  St. John Bosco’s understanding of Catholic education seems far from the prevailing view... read more

Argentine court clears former priest in sexual abuse case

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — A court on Tuesday cleared a retired priest of sexual abuse charges on grounds the statute of limitations on the alleged crimes had expired. Former priest Carlos Eduardo José, 62, had spent more than a year in custody during the legal process and the ruling by a... read more

Massive Catholic Center Planned for East Texas

‘Veritatis Splendor’ will enliven the faith of Catholics in the Lone Star State and around the world. On nearly 600 acres of land, the Catholic center of Veritatis Splendor will be built near Tyler, Texas. (photo: Veritatis Splendor website) By Kathy Schiffer, National Catholic Register,... read more

Pope Francis Removes Conservative African Cardinal From Vatican Post

Cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea is often mentioned as a possible future pontiff. [But] Cardinal Sarah was considered out of step with Pope Francis’ approach to liturgy, homosexuality and relations with the Muslim world .ROME— Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Cardinal Robert Sarah... read more

Archbishop Naumann: Biden’s Self-Contradictory Catholicism on Abortion Deserves Correction

Archbishop Naumann’s interview comes just weeks after Biden became the second Catholic to serve as U.S. president, with administration officials making a point to emphasize his Mass attendance. Catholic News Agency, February 17, 2021 WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden’s long... read more

Bridgeport’s Bishop Caggiano named next Legatus head chaplain

CNA Staff, February 6, 2021 Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport has been named the next chaplain of Legatus International, a Catholic business leaders’ association with over 100 chapters in the U.S. and Canada. “Legatus is blessed to have Bishop Caggiano as International Chaplain,... read more