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US bishops adjust liturgical translation following concern of CDW

Denver Newsroom, February 8, 2021 / 08:01 pm MT (CNA).- The US bishops' conference last week decreed that in the translation of the conclusion of collects in the Roman Missal, “one” is to be omitted before “God”. The conclusions will now read “God, for ever and ever”. The decision... read more

EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Naumann – US bishops must address scandal of ‘Catholic’ Biden championing abortion

Biden’s actions are 'confusing Catholics and non-Catholics regarding the Church’s teaching on the evil of abortion' By Pete Baklinski, LifeSite News, February 3, 2021 KANSAS CITY, Kansas, February 3, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Kansas City Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann told LifeSiteNews in an... read more

SF Archbishop scolds Pelosi for attack on anti-abortion voters: She ‘does not speak for the Catholic Church’

Pelosi had said anti-abortion voters were 'willing to sell the whole democracy down the river.' By Adam Shaw, Fox News, January 22, 2021 The Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Francisco issued a scathing statement Thursday in which he accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of impugning the motives... read more


By Father David Nix, Pilgrim Priest Blog, January 31, 2021,Why would a heretical “priest” like James Martin be ripping on the Traditional Latin Mass and the few ancient-believing Catholics who take the Gospel of Jesus Christ literally while his team of liberals have already successfully (and... read more

When Salvation is a Phone Call Away

“Mr. President? I need to talk to you. It’s about your soul.” By Regis Martin, Crisis, February 2, 2021 It is not likely that anyone will have heard of Heywood Broun, but he was a once very well known, well-connected newspaper columnist. His take on the world was fairly cynical,... read more


by George Weigel, First Things, January 21, 2021During their annual meeting in November of last year, a critical mass of the Catholic bishops of the United States recognized that Joe Biden’s election to the presidency had brought the Church to a critical point. The president-elect had long... read more

George Weigel: Cardinal Cupich’s Criticisms of Archbishop Gomez are Baseless

Weigel argued that Archbishop Gomez releasing a statement on the inauguration was in keeping with the recommendations from the Working Group on Engaging the New Administration created by the bishops at their November 2020 meeting. National Catholic Register, January 23, 2021 WASHINGTON —... read more

Bishop Schneider shows why instituting women as lectors, acolytes is a huge problem

There are strong reasons why the universal Church never admitted women to liturgical public service, not even in the lower grades of lector or acolyte. By Bishop Athanasius Schneider, LifeSite News, January 22, 2021 Editor’s note: This article was originally published at the New... read more

Bishop Paprocki Reflects on the Recent Violent Capitol Lockdown

The bishop of Springfield, Ill. considers the recent riots at the US Capitol posing critical questions that every Catholic should reflect upon during this crucial time. January 12, 2021 Editor's Note: Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, Ill. offered this homily for the Feast of the... read more

Nigerian bishop kidnapped, Catholics pray for his safety

kidnapped by unknown gunmen Sunday, December 27. Credit: Public DomainBishop Moses Chikwe, Auxiliary Bishop of Nigeria’s Archdiocese of Owerri kidnapped by unknown gunmen Sunday, December 27. Credit: Public DomainCNA Staff, Dec 29, 2020 / 09:05 am MT (CNA).- The bishops of Nigeria have urged... read more

Will the Bishops Confront Biden?

By James Baresel, Crisis, December 29, 2020 When an Episcopalian cleric–cum-Dartmouth professor criticizes the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, it’s a safe bet our prelates have done something right. Indeed, such a man—one Randall Balmer—wrote an op-ed for the Los Angeles... read more