Sacrament of Annointed the Sick and Dying

Cardinal Müller and Bishop Schneider praise English King Henry VIII’s rebuke of Martin Luther

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, LifeSiteNew, September 23, 2019 Two high-ranking prelates of the Catholic Church, Cardinal Gerhard Müller and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, have written strong endorsements of a new German edition of one of the most significant refutations of Protestant doctrine... read more

Apostolic Pardon Brings Total Forgiveness Before Death

Learn about an indulgence for the remission of temporal punishment due to sin given to a dying person who is in the state of grace. Patti Armstrong, August 2, 2017 As the Catholic chaplain made his rounds at St. Alexius Hospital in Bismarck, North Dakota, he stepped into the room of... read more

Vatican sources deny that Pope is upset by cardinals’ book

Vatican City, Sep 19, 2014 / 05:01 pm CNA Catholic Church sources have dismissed rumors that Pope Francis is annoyed by an Ignatius Press book critical of Cardinal Walter Kasper’s position on Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried. The French Catholic newspaper La Croix said Sept.... read more

Catholic sacrament in demand

Mary Ellen Segraves could sense the fear in her ailing mother Ceil's eyes the day after her knee surgery. But when Rev. Yaroslav Mendyuk approached her hospital bed to offer the sacrament of the sick, Segraves saw her mother light up. Following the priest's lead, Ceil Segraves crossed herself with... read more