German Catholics’ celibacy debate could lead to schism with Vatican

By Ivana Kottasová, CNN, December 2, 2019 German Catholics are meeting to debate what remain taboo subjects for many in the church -- lifting celibacy policies and whether to allow women to play bigger roles in ecclesiastical life. The German Bishops Conference and the Central Committee of... read more

Cardinal Burke: ‘I’m Called the Enemy of the Pope, Which I Am Not’ A conversation with Cardinal Raymond Burke.

By Ross Douthat, New York Times, November 9, 2019 In mid-October, while the Catholic Church’s internal debates were reaching another crescendo at a synod for the Amazon region held in Rome, I sat down with Cardinal Raymond Burke, best known as Pope Francis’s most vocal critic in the... read more

Father Thomas Weinandy: Threat of Church Division ‘Growing in Intensity’

Father Weinandy calls on the Catholic faithful to pray “in fear and trembling” that Jesus might “deliver us from this trial.” By Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, October 8, 2019 The Catholic Church is heading toward an “internal papal schism” whereby Pope Francis... read more

Looking for Schism in All the Wrong Places

BY MICHAEL WARREN DAVIS, SEPTEMBER 19, 2019 Pope Francis boldly declared last week that he’s unafraid of “pseudo-schismatics”: a clique of (mostly American) rigorist prelates and journalists whom Francis regards as a kind of loyal opposition to his papacy. But why should he have been... read more

Viganò Speaks: the “Infiltration” Is Real

BY JULIA MELONI, SEPTEMBER 17, 2019 Jonah began his journey through the city, and when he had gone only a single day’s walk announcing, “Forty days more and Nineveh shall be overthrown,” the people of Nineveh believed God; they proclaimed a fast and all of them, great and small, put on... read more

Villanova historian says Chaput, Cordileone, and Strickland are ‘devout schismatics’

Denver, Colo., Jul 18, 2019 / 06:35 pm (CNA).- A Church historian at Philadelphia’s Villanova University has said three U.S. bishops are “devout schismatics” who try to diminish the authority of Pope Francis. “They are devout in the sense that they publicly display their preference for... read more
Phil Lawler

Making the best case for that open letter on papal heresy

By Phil Lawler,, May 16, 2019 John Rist, perhaps the most distinguished scholar among those who signed the open letter charging Pope Francis with heresy, has explained his action in an interview with the National Catholic Register. I would strongly urge all concerned... read more
Pope Francis meets Bishop Athanasius Schneider

[MUST READ] Guest Op-Ed – Bishop Schneider: On the question of a heretical pope

In some circles (not in these pages) there has been talk of the legitimacy of the current Pope. In the exegesis on this issue by Archbishop Athanasius Schneider below, we italicize several key excerpts of his far more extended, thoughtful and bracing discussion. We do so to induce those genuinely... read more

Same-sex ‘marriage’ is causing a schism among Catholics in Australia

The editors Editor's Note: The following article was submitted by an Australian priest who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. AUSTRALIA, October 12, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Australia’s “gay’’ marriage and LGBTI activists rejoiced. An article in the national newspaper,... read more

A Schism in the Catholic Church?

By Fr. Dwight Longenecker, March 5, 2017 Headlines last week were proclaiming that a group of cardinals believe Pope Francis should step down to avoid a catastrophic schism in the Catholic Church. Schism? What schism? In fact, the modern Catholic Church is already in schism, but it is an... read more