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Despite contrary claims, study finds marijuana more dangerous to teens than alcohol

By Nancy Thorner -  January 23, 2019 Tucker Carlson on his Fox News show of October 17, 2018, during a segment titled, Should America Legalize Pot?, debated with Mason Tvert of Marijuana Policy Project about Tvert's claim that smoking marijuana is less dangerous than drinking alcohol. Having... read more

Written in our chromosomes; anchored in our bodies

Gender roles are culturally defined; sex is not Celia Wolf-Devine | Jan 9 2019 “I don’t ever want to hear the word ‘gender’ again.” One of the early flagship transexuals said this to me in private conversation. I did not press for more explanation as the situation was a delicate... read more

See the Live Action abortion videos YouTube is trying to bury

December 29, 2018 The following comes from a Dec. 28 posting from Live Action. In the midst of “Shout Your Abortion” culture, an effort to suppress pro-life speech on multiple platforms is thriving. In just the latest example, a Slate tech writer dabbled in pro-abortion activism this... read more

That Feeling When Scientists Say Sodom and Gomorrha Were Destroyed by Fire From the Sky

By Steve Skojec, December 13, 2018 One of most uniquely ridiculous things about living in our staunchly atheistic world is just how much dark-age dogmatism is at heart of popular anti-Christian tropes. From the anti-science “it’s not a child it’s a clump of cells” to the resolute... read more

Coitus, But Not Other Kinds of Sexual Activity, Promotes Health

By Christopher Kaczor, November 5, 2018 The empirical evidence suggests that coitus is associated with significant psychological and physical benefits and that noncoital sexual activity is associated with significant psychological and physical harms. One might think that all kinds of sexual... read more

Are the wheels falling off the transgender juggernaut?

In a surprising move, 'The Economist' expresses grave reservations By Michael Cook | Nov 7 2018 In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election in 2016, Mara Keisling, head of the National Center for Transgender Equality, anticipated his hostility. She declared that trans people would fight for... read more

The Tricky Chemistry of Attraction

CCI Editor's note:  This article is repeated from earlier publication.  Must read! Taking Birth-Control Pills May Mask the Signals That Draw the Sexes Together, Research Shows By Shirley S. Wang,  May 9, 2011 Much of the attraction between the sexes is chemistry. New studies suggest... read more

BreakPoint: Forty-Four Brothers and Sisters

What Personal Autonomy Hath Wrought by: John Stonestreet &  Roberto Rivera, October 17, 2018 When sex is divorced from marriage and procreation, bad things happen.  Of the many cases that prove this point, here’s another. A recent story in the Washington Post described the story of... read more

You Can’t Be Aware of Breast Cancer if You’re Not Aware of This

Young women are making lifestyle choices based on false information promoted by breast cancer awareness groups. By Patty Knap Blog, October 5, 2018 They’re starting to pop up again. Pink “breast cancer awareness” banners, ribbons, store displays, promotions for TV and radio interviews,... read more

Is Transgenderism in Teens Contagious?

Adolescents can be influenced by peer pressure and social media when it comes to identifying as transgender. Marcia Segelstein Blog, September 29, 2018 A Brown University School of Public Health study recently found that “social and peer contagion” may play a role in “rapid-onset gender... read more

Female Teens Transitioning To Males Are Five Times More Likely To Attempt Suicide Than Male Teens, Study Shows

By Grace Carr, Reporter, 09/11/2018 More than 50 percent of adolescent females transitioning to the opposite gender tried committing suicide, according to a Tuesday study that asked a number of respondents with various gender identities about suicide attempts. Published in Pediatrics journal,... read more

Another Doctor at Calvary