Sex Trafficing

Massachusetts lawmakers override governor’s veto, expand abortion access for minors

The pro-life Massachusetts Family Institute called the legislation ‘Infanticide Act.’ By Patrick Delaney, LifeSite News, January 24, 2021 BOSTON, Massachusetts, January 4, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Despite efforts on the part of local pro-life activists, Massachusetts legislators last week... read more

Italian bishops’ conference newspaper defends Netflix’s ‘Cuties’

CNA Staff, September 17, 2020 According to L'Avvenire, the official newspaper of the Italian bishops' conference, those who have criticized the controversial French movie "Cuties," released by Netflix last week "have not seen it or have really limited themselves to the poster. Otherwise they... read more
Jeffrey Epstein (Uma Sanghvi/Palm Beach Post via Reuters)

Jeffrey Epstein Should Cancel the Culture’s Humbert Humberts

By Kyle Smith, National Review, July 9, 2019 The case should end a nearly 50-year era in which the mandarins of our cultures almost unanimously ignored, laughed off, or even outright celebrated sexual exploitation of very young women. In 2018, Polanski (along with Bill Cosby) was expelled... read more

YouTube Apologizes for Removing Video Exposing Planned Parenthood Helping Sex Traffickers

By: Mary Margaret Olahan,, January 15, 2019 Over the weekend, YouTube removed one of Live Action’s videos under the premise that the video “violates the community guidelines.” Though Live Action appealed the decision, YouTube rejected their appeal Sunday. It was not until... read more

Politics and Reverence for Human Beings

By Judie Brown, American Life League, July 13, 2018 Recent rants about the latest Supreme Court nominee and his alleged position on overturning Roe v. Wade have really gotten under my skin. The statements of the pro-aborts are hyperbole at its best, designed to instill fear based on... read more

The Corrosion of the British Spirit

By William Kilpatrick, March 27, 2018 If you’ve seen Dunkirk, or Darkest Hour, you got a glimpse of Britain’s fighting spirit in the face of great peril. If you know a little bit more about that period, you know why Churchill could say of the British people, “this was their finest... read more

UNICEF Consultant Sexually Assaulted Boy for Years

By Stefano Gennarini, J.D. | February 23, 2018 NEW YORK, February 23 (C-Fam) Longtime UN consultant for children’s rights Peter Newell was convicted of sexually assaulting and sodomizing a child over the course of three years beginning in 1965. He was jailed last week and is serving a six-year... read more

Bride trafficking to China

Courtesy of the one child policy. By Marcus Roberts | Oct 26 2017 In China, thanks to the decades of the one-child policy, there were estimated to be over 33.5 million more men than women in 2016. That means that there are tens of millions of Chinese men who have no hope of ever finding a... read more

U.S. Lawmakers Seek to End Impunity for Online Sale of Children

By Lisa Correnti | April 20, 2017 WASHINGTON DC, April 21 (C-Fam) A bipartisan bill introduced last week by U.S. lawmakers seeks to end impunity for website owners who knowingly facilitate online sale of children for sex. Currently, such websites hide behind an archaic federal communications law... read more

Trump admin must ‘vigorously enforce’ obscenity laws to stop sex trafficking: anti-porn group

By Peter LaBarbera WASHINGTON, D.C., March 22, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — A leading anti-pornography organization is recommending that Attorney General Jeff Sessions “vigorously enforce” anti-obscenity laws to “curb the demand” for child sex trafficking, child sexual abuse, prostitution and... read more

Trafficking Survivors Tell UN: Strengthen Families To Protect Women and Girls

By Marianna Orlandi, Ph.D,  March 17, 2017 NEW YORK, March 17 (C-Fam) Women who were trafficked or mistreated for their reproductive organs told the UN this week that to successfully combat modern-day slavery, countries must respect and empower the family. “Not all sex-trafficked children... read more