Sexual Morality

How to “Dialogue” Truthfully on Gender Ideology

BY DANIEL GUERNSEY, JULY 15, 2019 If the Church invites dialogue about gender ideology and homosexuality, does this signal a possible compromise of Catholic doctrine? This question lies at the heart of the controversy over the Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education’s recent document,... read more

Laxity in Seminaries as a Contributing Cause to the Sex-Abuse Crisis

COMMENTARY: It seems that improvements have been made in many seminaries, but are they genuine or just window dressing? Janet E. Smith “Hide the handsome ones.” That was what was “jokingly” said when Theodore McCarrick would visit seminaries. It disgusts me that such “jokes”... read more

Laxity in Seminaries as a Contributing Cause to the Sex-Abuse Crisis

By Janet E. Smith, National Catholic Register, July 10, 2019 “Hide the handsome ones.” That was what was “jokingly” said when Theodore McCarrick would visit seminaries. It disgusts me that such “jokes” — which clearly portrayed a reality — did not lead to a thorough investigation... read more
Jeffrey Epstein (Uma Sanghvi/Palm Beach Post via Reuters)

Jeffrey Epstein Should Cancel the Culture’s Humbert Humberts

By Kyle Smith, National Review, July 9, 2019 The case should end a nearly 50-year era in which the mandarins of our cultures almost unanimously ignored, laughed off, or even outright celebrated sexual exploitation of very young women. In 2018, Polanski (along with Bill Cosby) was expelled... read more

Vatican walks tightrope on China, comes on strong with Germany and confession

By: John L. Allen Jr., CRUX, July 2, 2019 ROME - Now that we’re in the dog days of summer, this year featuring record high temperatures across Europe, one might think the Vatican would be entering a “mad dogs and Englishmen” sort of lull. However, that’s not the nature of the Pope... read more

Democratic candidates tout abortion credentials in first debate

CNA, June 28, 2019 Washington D.C., Jun 27, 2019 / 03:00 pm (CNA).- Taxpayer funding for abortions is a matter of “justice” for men and women Democratic presidential candidate Julian Castro said during the first Democratic primary debate Wednesday. Castro’s comments were echoed by... read more

Psychologist gives searing critique of Vatican’s new gender doc: a compromise with ‘neo-paganism’

By Diane Montagna ROME, June 14, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — A Catholic psychologist has denounced the latest Vatican document on gender theory as containing “not one sentence of sound advice for parents who try to educate their children towards the virtues necessary for a Christian... read more
Pope Francis meets with Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta. Credit: Vatican Media.

Zanchetta to stand trial in Argentina for sexual abuse of seminarians

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jun 10, 2019 / 09:30 am (CNA).- Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta has been criminally charged with sexually assaulting two seminarians before a court in Argentina. The bishop has been barred from leaving the country and ordered to undergo a psychological examination. The... read more

More Answers Are Urgently Needed in the Ongoing McCarrick Scandal

EDITORIAL: With many of the leading questions still unaddressed, it’s more urgent than ever that U.S. Catholics get the answers they need and deserve. The Editors, National Catholic Register, May 31, 2019 It has now been a year since the devastating scandal surrounding the sexual... read more

Cardinal Cupich’s cathedral promotes Elton John biopic ‘Rocketman’ despite gay sex scenes

By: Martin M. Barillas, LifeSite News, May 23, 2019 CHICAGO, Illinois, May 23, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – The parish bulletin of Holy Name Cathedral in the Chicago archdiocese advertised that a group of parishioners is getting together to watch the pornographic film Rocketman. Father Greg... read more

Prominent clergy, scholars accuse Pope Francis of heresy in open letter

By: Maike Hickson, LifeSite News, April 30, 2019 Prominent clergymen and scholars including Fr. Aidan Nichols, one of the best-known theologians in the English-speaking world, have issued an open letter accusing Pope Francis of committing heresy. They ask the bishops of the Catholic Church, to... read more
Paul VI makes Joseph Ratzinger (future Pope Benedict XVI) a cardinal in 1977.

The Ratzinger Diagnosis 

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People gather in St. Peter's Square for the “Day for Child Victims of Violence, Exploitation and Indifference against pedophilia” (Credit: Courtesy of Meter Onlus.)

Sicilian priest wages decade-long crusade against ‘pedophilia pride’

A gay pride rainbow flag flies along with the U.S. flag in front of the Asbury United Methodist Church in Prairie Village, Kan., on Friday, April 19, 2019.

United Methodists edge toward breakup over LGBT policies