Sharia law

Stop the Islamization of Texas

By Amil Imani - on December 15, 2018 Islamization was a term that my friend Pamela Geller introduced into the daily lexicon of the freedom-loving West. The Oxford Dictionary defines Islamization as “the process of bringing someone or something under the influence of Islam or under Islamic... read more

Sharia or Sahara: What’s Behind the Genocide in Nigeria?

William Kilpatrick, July 19, 2018 Despite its patent absurdity, the meme that terror has nothing to do with Islam never seems to die. A reminder of its tenacity comes from Northern Nigeria where assaults on Christians by Muslims are routinely referred to by government, media, and the... read more

The Strange Feminist Silence on Islam

By Matthew Hanley, The Catholic Thing, March 8, 2018 We’ve all seen it on TV: the formulaic competition between the sexes in which the woman naturally triumphs in a stereotypically man’s domain. I happened to stumble upon an outlandish example of this phenomenon in an episode of Hawaii... read more

Sweden: Court rules using Sharia, acquits man who beat his wife, discounts her testimony

By Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, March 7, 2018 Is Sweden diverse enough yet? No. There will be much, much more of this. With Muslim migrants comes Sharia, which some will wish to implement in their new land. Multiculturalist dhimmis will be only too happy to oblige, although in this case one of... read more