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Vatican Health Conference: A Platform to Combat COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Hesitancy?’

The May 6-8 event features the CEOs of Moderna and Pfizer, as well as Dr. Anthony Fauci and an array of other prominent vaccination advocates. By Edward Pentin, National Catholic Register, April 23, 2021 VATICAN CITY — An upcoming Vatican health conference, titled “Unite to Prevent... read more

Defense of the Common Good or Collaboration with Evil?

By Stephen Sammut, Ph.D., Crisis, April 29, 2021 One thing can be stated for certain—the COVID-19 scar on humanity will be clearly visible for many years to come. If immediate steps are not taken to counter the narrative of misinformation as well as the measures taken to supposedly reduce the... read more

Abortion, Vaccines, and Moral Imagination

By Mark Perkins, Public Discourse, April 13, 2021 Scholars who advocate receiving the vaccinations for COVID-19 should not minimize or brush aside concerns that those vaccines were produced with the help of abortion. Facing the problem more fully should not rule out vaccination, but it will... read more

4th US Site Pauses COVID-19 Vaccinations After Adverse Reactions

By Zachary StieberEpoch Times, April 10, 2021 Injections at the Cumming Fairgrounds in Forsyth County, Georgia, have been halted after eight people experienced adverse reactions post-vaccination, the state’s Department of Health said on April 9. All eight had received Johnson &... read more

White House: Pope Francis Has Said There’s a ‘Moral Obligation’ to Get Vaccinated

President Biden called the effort to provide vaccinations “an example of America at its finest,” and added that “they're all meeting what Pope Francis calls the moral obligation, get vaccinated, something which he went on to say can save your life and the lives of others.” By Matt... read more

Roberto de Mattei: Q&A on the Pandemic and the Vaccines

By Roberto De Mattei, OnePeterFive, March 31, 2021 Editor’s note: Today we are pleased to reprint, with the author’s permission, the following essay from Prof. Roberto de Mattei, an eminent scholar of Church history and one of the most notable thought leaders of European traditional... read more

Catholic Conscience and the COVID-19 Vaccine

By Annamaria Cardinalli, Crisis, January 19, 2021 On Thursday, Vatican News confirmed that both Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis have received the currently available COVID-19 vaccines, themselves providing an example, ostensibly, for the Church as a whole. In the world’s eyes, I... read more

Four Pro-Life Medical Groups Say Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines Not Made With Aborted Baby Cells

By Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews, December 4, 2020 Four pro-life medical groups provided clarifying details Wednesday about whether the development of two new coronavirus vaccines involved cells from aborted babies. In a statement, the Catholic Medical Association, the American Association of... read more

U.S. bishops’ internal memo: Catholics can take Covid-19 vaccines

By Michael J. O’Loughlin, America, November 23, 2020 Days after some Catholic bishops shared misinformation on social media about Covid-19 vaccines that may soon hit the market, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops distributed a memo to all U.S. bishops stating that at least two of the... read more

SSPX Statement on the Morality of Proposed COVID Vaccines

By Steve Skojec, One-Peter Five, November 20, 2020 Much of the 1P5 audience, I suspect is quite wary of taking any of the proposed COVID vaccines. There are any number of pragmatic concerns, not least of which are the potential side effects of any vaccine that is rushed to market. There... read more

The ethics of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine

Catholic News Agency Staff, November 17, 2020 While the Bishop of Tyler asserted Monday that the coronavirus vaccine being developed by Moderna “is not morally produced”, the National Catholic Bioethics Center and the Charlotte Lozier Institute have indicated it is ethical. Bishop Joseph... read more