Murder of French priest opens a new frontier for Catholic church

Killing of Jacques Hamel by men claiming to be Isis militants is a particular challenge to Pope Francis and other church leaders By Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Rome, Tuesday 26 July 2016 Every year, the Vatican’s Agenzia Fides, which tracks the work of Catholic missionaries around the world,... read more

France church attack: Priest killed by two ‘IS soldiers’

July 26, 2016 A priest has been killed in an attack by two armed men on his church in a suburb of Rouen in northern France. The attackers entered the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray during Mass, taking the priest, Fr Jacques Hamel, 84, and four other people hostage. Police later... read more

Police shootings: ‘A bad movie on an endless loop’

As a trauma surgeon describes the triage and treatment of officers hit by a gunman in Dallas. By Sheila Liaugminas | Jul 20 2016 And Dallas was the first of three nearly back to back police targeted assassinations in the past week. It describes yet another national nightmare. Adding to... read more

Blind Violence and Blind Guides

BY WILLIAM KILPATRICK, JULY 18, 2016 France Truck Attack “Pope Francis condemns more ‘blind violence’ after Nice attack,” reads a headline from a Catholic news agency. On behalf of the Holy Father, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, sent a telegram to the Bishop of Nice... read more

France Is at War, Officials Say After Terrorist Attack in Nice Kills at Least 84

By Nolan Peterson, July 15, 2016 KYIV, Ukraine—At 3:45 a.m. Friday, just hours after a man drove a large truck through a crowd in the French seaside town of Nice, killing at least 84, French President François Hollande made a televised address to the nation. He began by making it clear the... read more

Eight suicide bombers target Lebanese Christian village

Deadly suicide blasts in Lebanon By Reuters news service Eight suicide bombers attacked a Lebanese Christian village on Monday, killing five people and wounding dozens more, in the latest violent spillover of the five-year-old Syrian war into Lebanon. Security sources said they believed... read more


By R. R. Reno, 6 . 21 . 16 Omar Mateen’s murder of forty-nine people in Orlando has been called a tragedy—“the Orlando tragedy,” as we hear so often. The word is apt only in the mistaken sense in which we use it now. “Tragedy” has become the word we use when we’re at a loss. When... read more

‘A really tough day for America’

By Sheila Liaugminas | Jun 14 2016 Grand understatement. But that’s what Former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI Danny Coulson said when a news show anchor asked his initial thoughts during the ongoing reporting of the terror attack in Orlando, Florida early Sunday, as events continued... read more

PC in Orlando and in Our Future

BY WILLIAM KILPATRICK If the Orlando massacre at a gay night club teaches us anything, it demonstrates the grip that political correctness has on our society. One might call it a death grip. We now know that fears about being thought Islamophobic prevented colleagues of Major Nidal Hasan, the... read more

A River in Egypt: Denying the Undeniable

BY GEORGE W. RUTLER, JUNE 16, 2016 Mark Twain would have understood the protest of Yogi Berra: “Most of the things I said I didn’t say.” To Twain, with no evidence, is attributed: “Denial is not just a river in Egypt.” The source of the quotation is debated as is the source of the... read more

Islam, homophobia and guns all played a role in the tragedy in Orlando. But what about family dysfunction?

Michael Cook | Jun 14 2016 |  comment 20 What motivated Omar Siddiqui Mateen to murder 49 people in the Pulse night club early on Sunday morning? (a) Islamic terrorism (b) homophobia (c) lax gun control The best answer may be “none of the above”. The rush to seize upon one... read more


Good Islam vs. Bad Islam