Twenty nine children among 72 killed in Sunday’s suicide bombing

Twenty nine children among 72 killed in Sunday's suicide bombing after Taliban jihadi blew himself up next to SWINGS at a park in Pakistan Around 300 people were injured in the attack in the centre of Lahore today No terrorist group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack on the park... read more

What Obama Can Learn From French President on Terrorist Attack Responses

By Beverly Hallberg / March 24, 2016 The words and actions of a president matter. President Barack Obama recently contended that fighting ISIS is his “top priority” in a joint press conference with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri—but do the American people and the world believe... read more


Islamic terrorists kill 16 in Yemen attack A charity started by Mother Teresa of Calcutta came under attack by the Islamic State group on Friday. Witnesses said 4 nuns and 12 employees were shot in the head in Yemen after being placed in handcuffs. Two gunmen surrounded the building in Aden... read more

New Article Reveals Plot to Undermine U.S. Law and Make Abortion Humanitarian Right

By Marianna Orlandi, Ph.D  | March 3, 2016 WASHINGTON, March 4 (C-Fam) Abortion groups and UN bureaucrats are trying to capture humanitarian space to force all humanitarian groups to provide abortions to rape victims in conflict situations. In “Abortion and the Laws of War: Subverting... read more

Germany admits 130,000 asylum seekers ‘lost’ raising fears over crime and terrorism

The government admits losing track of around 13 per cent of the 1.1 million people registered in Germany as asylum seekers By Justin Huggler, Berlin, 26 Feb 2016 More than 130,000 asylum seekers may have disappeared in Germany, according to newly released government figures, raising concerns... read more

Mass Shooters Prefer Gun-Free Zones

Patrick Tyrrell     / February 10, 2016 / If you have a choice to be in a gun-free zone or a legal-to-carry setting, you are less likely to be the victim of a mass shooting where it is legal to carry guns. An analysis of mass shootings in the United States since the year 2002 shows that... read more

Forsaken for their faith

California lawmaker argues that endangered Christians and Yazidis must get emergency immigration status FEBRUARY 10, 2016 BY ADMIN Screenshot from video depicting murder of 21 Coptic Christians. The video of the beheadings was posted online by Libyan jihadists who pledge loyalty to IS. The... read more

Medina—The First Muslim Refugee Resettlement Program

BY WILLIAM KILPATRICK With all the talk about the Syrian refugees, one point is often overlooked. Much of the debate focuses on the question of whether or not the refugees can be reliably vetted. If they can be certified as one hundred percent terrorist-free, then, presumably, the resettlement... read more

Catholic Bishops of Ghana: Ex-Gitmo Prisoners Are ‘Time-Bombs’–‘Send These Men Back’

By Michael W. Chapman | February 3, 2016 (CNSNews.com) – In reference to two former Guantanamo Bay prisoners who were transferred to Ghana in West Africa, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference there said it was a “wrong and dangerous” decision, that the two men were “not refugees but... read more

Priority Should be Given to Christian Refugees

BY PETER MAURICE “Dhimmitude,” like takfir and sharia, is a word of which Americans were happily ignorant not so long ago. Events, unfortunately, have expanded our Arabic vocabulary. As with other Islamic concepts, the meaning of dhimmitude, even its existence, is contested among Muslims.... read more

Solidarity with Islam?

BY WILLIAM KILPATRICK, JANUARY 26, 2016 After the San Bernardino massacre, The Angelus, the Los Angeles archdiocesan newspaper, carried an article calling for “greater solidarity with Islam.” The piece by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser is a particularly egregious example of the kind of nonsense... read more