The Dictator Pope

Pope Francis’s Hermeneutic of Anti-Continuity

By Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, The Remnant, December 22, 2019 [Dr. Peter Kwasniewski spoke at our Catholic Citizens of Illinois June 14, 2019 Forum Luncheon on “Of What Use Is a Changing Catechism?”--Ed.] Pope Francis’s Christmas address of December 21—the traditional feast of the... read more

Pope denounces ‘rigidity’ as he warns of Christian decline

By Nicole Winfield, Daily Independent, December 21, 2019 VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis warned Saturday that "rigidity" in living out the Christian faith is creating a "minefield" of hatred and misunderstanding in a world where Christianity is increasing irrelevant. Francis called for... read more

Pray for a Miracle — An Initial Reaction to the Close of the Synod

Pray for an apostolic exhortation that glorifies and lifts up Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation. Msgr Charles Pope, National Catholic Register, October 28, 2019 I, like many of you, feel overwhelmed by the events of the past month in Rome. Many an evening, late into the night, I have... read more
Fr. Jose Granados, DCJM. Courtesy photo

JPII Institute VP says school’s identity is ‘seriously threatened’

By JD Flynn, Catholic News Agency, Vatican City, Jul 31, 2019 The vice-president of the Pontifical John Paul II Institute in Rome said that changes to the school’s governing structure and academic program are a serious threat to its identity, and to the important pastoral ministry it... read more

A comment on a cardinal’s tweet re capital punishment

By Edward Peters, JD, JDC, In the Light of the Law Blog, June 17, 2019 Earlier today Cdl. Dolan of New York tweeted: “With the clear and cogent clarification of the successor of St. Peter, there now exists no loophole to morally justify capital punishment.” The supposedly clear and... read more

Pope Francis’s Socialist Agenda

By William Kilpatrick, March 11, 2019 Watching Bernie Sanders’s speech announcing his candidacy for president, it struck me that—except for the part about a woman’s right to choose—Pope Francis would have found himself in agreement with just about every item on the aging socialist... read more

‘Dictator Pope’ author expelled from Order of Malta

By Dan Hitchens,  19 November, 2018 Henry Sire has been expelled for his strong criticisms of Pope Francis, but plans to appeal The historian Henry Sire has been expelled from the Order of Malta after writing a book which heavily criticised Pope Francis. Sire was suspended in March, when... read more

Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aires: Some More Unanswered Questions

By Henry Sire, September 11, 2018 When I wrote The Dictator Pope, I pointed out the failure of the cardinals in 2013 to inform themselves about Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio’s record as archbishop of Buenos Aires, for if they had known about it even superficially, they would not have voted for him.... read more

Respected Predecessor of New La Plata Archbishop “Tucho” Fernández’ Ordered to Depart His Diocese Immediately

By Maike Hickson, June 5, 2018 It is a story that reads like a passage from The Dictator Pope: Pope Francis recently accepted the age-related resignation of Héctor Aguer, the Archbishop of La Plata, Argentina — the capital city of the Buenos Aires province — and will replace him with his... read more

Historian Henry Sire Discusses His Book ‘The Dictator Pope’

The author shares his reasons for writing the controversial book and his concerns about this pontificate. By Edward Pentin Henry Sire says he wrote the book The Dictator Pope because he felt it necessary to uncover the “gap” between what he says is the media “facade” of Pope Francis... read more

Dictator Pope author: suspension from Order of Malta ‘wholly illegal’

by Staff Reporter, 23 Mar 2018 The Order of Malta defended its procedure, saying that Sire's superior had been 'involved' Henry Sire, who was this week revealed as the author of the Dictator Pope, has said that his suspension from the Order of Malta is illegal. The Order released a... read more