Transgender surgeries, minors

Biden admin again moves toward making Christians perform ‘sex-change’ surgeries

‘This move by HHS is a setup to normalize and strong arm doctors into administering puberty blocking drugs on children, performing sex-change surgeries, and more,’ CatholicVote president Brian Burch said. ‘Catholic hospitals and doctors are likely to come under increased pressure and... read more

The Biden Administration’s Effort to Suppress the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God

By Fr. Mario Alexis Portella, Crisis, April 27, 2021 I recently logged onto the Voice of America (VOA) website—an American international broadcaster funded by the U.S. Congress—and saw an article entitled “LGBTQ Members Face Threats in Iraqi Kurdistan,” which discussed the plight of... read more

SADOW: Edwards Campaigns For Vatican Ambassador, Shuns Catholic Doctrine

By Jeff Sadow, The Hayride, April 22nd, 2021 I guess it’s true, from his latest opining about legislation before the Louisiana Legislature: Democrat Gov. John Bel Edwards does want to abandon his current post and become ambassador to the Holy See. Some observers have speculated... read more

Here Are the States That Want to Ban Trans Surgeries for Minors

By Mary Margaret Olohan. Dily Signal, April 13, 2021At least 16 states have taken action to ban doctors from performing transgender surgeries and procedures on minors. Arkansas became the first state to ban the surgeries and procedures for minors when the Legislature overrode Republican Gov.... read more