Vatican II

Banish Sin, Transform the Church

David G Bonagura, Jr., August 16, 2020 The Second Vatican Council is back in the news lately, with two prominent, tradition-minded bishops revisiting well-known arguments of conciliar interpretation in light two recent Vatican documents, Amoris Laetitia and the Abu Dhabi statement [1] on world... read more

Cardinal Zen: In Vatican II, Catholics hear ‘real voice of the Holy Spirit’

By Ed Condon, Catholic News Agency, July 27, 2020 Cardinal Joseph Zen, the emeritus Bishop of Hong Kong, has made an impassioned defense of the Second Vatican Council, criticizing both “extreme conservatives” and “extreme progressives” for rejecting the authority and authenticity of the... read more

50 priests, scholars, journalists thank Viganò, Schneider for raising Vatican II questions

The bishop and archbishop were praised for their 'honest and open discussion of the Second Vatican Council' Maike Hickson Blog July 15, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Today, more than 50 priests, scholars, journalists, and other persons of prominence published an Open Letter to Archbishop Carlo... read more

US bishop committed two grave errors in forbidding priests to say Mass ad orientem

It is a matter of moral integrity that we make our cases based on what authoritative texts actually say, not on the 'Spirit of Vatican II.' By Peter Kwasniewski, LifeSite News, April 2, 2020 It is no surprise to any Catholic with a pulse that there are profound differences of opinion about... read more

Is the Pope Catholic?

What Francis hath wrought. by Robert Royal, Claremont Review of Books, Winter 2019 Even when, as at present, the Catholic Church exercises very little direct political or social power, its continued witness to the world after two millennia retains a compelling grandeur. Empires rise and... read more

Hold That Tree: Christmas Ain’t Over Yet

By Drew Belsky, OnePeterFive, December 26, 2019 The new calendar is one of the subtler corrosives the post-conciliar Vatican poured on the faith of an unsuspecting Catholic populace. From introducing confusion as to the existence of well respected saints to obliterating octaves to the chaos of... read more

Cardinal Kasper: Pope Francis feels called to ‘change’ Church, door will ‘open’ to women at altar

By Martin Barillas BARCELONA, Spain, December 12, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – German Cardinal Walter Kasper, who successfully championed Holy Communion for divorced and “remarried” Catholics, said that Pope Francis feels called by the Holy Spirit to “change” the Church, which will one day... read more

Assault on Altar Boys: What Have We Done?

By Dan Millette, One Peter Five, November 25, 2019 One day, following Mass, a Polish man, in his fifties, shared a childhood story with me. It seems that he and his brother were serving Mass with another boy who, to their frustration, was being deliberately unruly and obstinate. The two... read more

A Thomist’s Perspective on the Church in Crisis

By JOSEF PIEPER, OCTOBER 17, 2019 Editor’s note: in this far-ranging and prophetic interview with Crisis Magazine, Josef Pieper discusses the vocations crisis, the failure of catechesis, liberation theology, feminism, and something very much like the Benedict Option. The interview originally... read more

Is It Time to Abolish the USCCB?

By LEILA MARIE LAWLER, SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 “If I must speak the truth, I feel disposed to shun every conference of Bishops: for never saw I Synod brought to a happy issue, and remedying, and not rather aggravating, existing evils…” — St. Gregory of Nazianzus, 382 A.D. Heedless of... read more

The Vandals sack Rome….again

Is there a red hat in Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia’s future? If so, it will be as a reward for knee-capping scholars of impeccable scholarly credentials and personal probity, deeply beloved by their students. By George Weigel Analysis, July 29, 2019 An exercise in raw intellectual vandalism... read more
Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga (Honduras)

Evangelization and Doctrine Are Inseparable