Virtues and Vices

Virtue versus virtuosity

By Joseph Pearce / January 5, 2018 Unless you are prepared to do something badly, you will never do it well; as the saying goes, practice makes perfect What is the primary purpose of education? Is it to enable our children to be successful in a worldly sense? Is it primarily meant to pave the... read more

Frock shock-horror: a Democrat woman mentions female decorum

Congress colleagues are left speechless at the idea women could dress to protect. By Carolyn Moynihan | Dec 14 2017 | “We were shocked, shocked,” Democrat sources told Politico (or words to that effect) after one of their Congresswomen, Marcy Kaptur, said that women in and around the... read more

The Catastrophic Vision of Hugh Hefner

How our Culture Lost Its Soul by: John Stonestreet &  G. Shane Morris, October 12, 2017 The man who embodied the sexual revolution has died. We’ll talk about the consequences—and victims—of his vision. Back on September 27th, Hugh Hefner the founder of Playboy, died at... read more

Archbishop Gomez: American missionaries are the overlooked US founders

Washington D.C., Oct 3, 2017 (CNA/EWTN News).- During the annual Red Mass marking a new term of the U.S. Supreme Court, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles said that early American missionaries should be honored among the founding fathers of the United States. “A nation conceived under God and... read more

McElroy and Chaput on Chastity

BY FR. DWIGHT LONGENECKER, SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 This week we have an American bishop and Archbishop writing articles touching on the question of chastity. In this article for London’s Catholic Herald Archbishop Chaput comments that faithful Christians are the West’s “new dissidents.” In... read more

Advice to a Young Priest

BY FR. GEORGE W. RUTLER, AUGUST 7, 2017 The illusion of one being perpetually young was shattered in my case recently when a publishing firm asked me to write some advice to a young priest from the perspective of an elder. For me, youth was a permanent state. I was the very youngest in my... read more

No Virtue, No End of Scandal

Rules Aren’t Enough by: John Stonestreet, March 3, 2017 A new Washington scandal reminds me of an old one. And that without virtue, there aren’t enough rules to save us from ourselves. A recent Wall Street Journal article told the story of what is “shaping up to be a sprawling... read more

Dignitas: The Manners of Humility

BY FR. GEORGE W. RUTLER, FEBRUARY 16, 2017 Classical Virtues Accounts vary, and a few say that the story about our civil Founders is apocryphal, but it would seem that the story is true. As one of the more jovial national patriarchs, Gouverneur Morris, a native of New York City, but... read more

When Love, Mercy, and Dignity Lose Their Meaning

BY JAMES KALB, NOVEMBER 3, 2016 Love, mercy, and human dignity are all wonderful things, and it’s right for the Church to emphasize them. It’s also right to take them seriously, and try to understand what they are, what’s behind them, and where they point. To do that we need to remember... read more

“Beneath rigidity there is something else, there is often wickedness”

At this morning’s mass in St. Martha’s House, the Pope said rigid people lead a “double life”, they seem good but they often aren’t; they are strangers to God’s freedom, “slaves of the law”. “How they suffer”! BY DOMENICO AGASSO JR, 24/10/2016 VATICAN CITY Beneath the... read more

You Need the Civil Society

BY SCOTT MCKAY, August 24, 2016 When disaster hits, the lessons we ought to know as a civilization come home with a vengeance. Baton Rouge Tuesday, President Barack Obama landed in Baton Rouge to tour the devastation of the historic flood in South Louisiana. In his remarks to the media... read more