Scandal Report Reveals Details of Ongoing Homosexual Network in Northeastern U.S.

A 2012 investigation at the Connecticut seminary found evidence of a homosexual network that extended into several dioceses, and despite its findings, some of those involved were subsequently ordained to the priesthood. By Thomas Wehner, Nov. 29, 2018 CROMWELL, Conn. — Some of the... read more

Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison Dies at Age 71

“All objective indicators point to the fact that Bishop Morlino accomplished what he set out to do in the diocese.” By Christine Rousselle/CNA/EWTN News/ Nov. 25, 2018 MADISON, Wis. — Bishop Robert C. Morlino of Madison died the evening of Saturday, Nov. 24, at St. Mary Hospital in... read more

Seminary Professor: Church Needs Fewer and Better Seminaries

Father Thomas Berg, of St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York, suggests in Washington Post column six ways the formation process could be changed. Catholic News Agency | Oct. 22, 2018 In the wake of recent reports concerning widespread sexual harassment and sexual abuse at seminaries, a seminary... read more

Synod Father: Teach Life Issues With Greater Clarity Than Ever

Cardinal Wilfrid Napier warns against ideological colonization, while Cardinal Leonardo Sandri says young people in the East want clear, authentic teaching and radical witness. Edward Pentin Blog, October 17, 2018 In his latest dispatch from the synod hall Oct. 17, Archbishop Anthony Fisher... read more

A Synod also on Vocational Discernment

By Michael Pakaluk, October 16, 2018 I bet you do not know that the official title of the current synod is “Youth, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment.”  Everyone calls it the “Youth Synod.”  But if logic holds sway, it might equally be called the “Vocational Discernment... read more

Nabi Sayeth: NO! No Homosexuals in the Priesthood!

Posted by Mary Ann Kreitzer, October 11, 2018 On this they agree: NO HOMOSEXUALS IN THE PRIESTHOOD! Nabi asketh: What about the word “NO” do the Lavenders not understand??? The teaching of the Catholic Church is tried, tested and True. However, we live in a subjective relativistic... read more

The Misplaced Priorities of Youth Synod Organizers

CCI Editor's Note:  Must read!  Follow the link for the full article. By William Kilpatrick,  October 10, 2018 Reading through the Instrumentum Laboris (IL)—the working document for the Youth Synod—one gets the impression that the biggest challenge young people face in life is... read more

Pedophilia Isn’t The Main Problem With Catholic Priests, Homosexuality Is

Inadequate—and blameworthy—are expressions of sympathy for the abused that disguise the elephant in the rectory. The first responsibility is to call things by their right name. By Maureen Mullarkey, September 28, 2018 The editorial board of the New York Times declared it had identified... read more

US archbishop raises alarm over Youth Synod’s ‘working document’

By Doug Mainwaring PHILADELPHIA, Pa., September 21, 2018, (LifeSiteNews) – In the run-up to the Vatican’s synod on youth, Archbishop Charles Chaput has shared a “respected” North American theologian’s anonymous analysis of the Vatican’s controversial working document which lays out... read more

Ignatius Press at 40 Years: An Interview with Fr. Joseph Fessio

“As long as there is a really robust faith, and good Catholic families and groups, there are signs of hope.” Justin McClain Blog, Aug. 17, 2018 As a frequent writer, I get to interact with various faithful Catholic publishing agencies at different levels — as an author, consultant, book... read more

Some Home Truths about the McCarrick Case

By Fr. Gerald E. Murray, August 16, 2018 “Mom liked to invite them [priests] to dinner and to pose questions to them. The virginity of priests gave birth in her to a feeling of confidence and respect.” So wrote French Benedictine Abbot Dom Gerard Calvet, founder of the monastery of... read more

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