st. Mary’s faces another threat, one arising from the good intentions of some of those who fought to save the church. As part of the battle against her fellow county-board members, Mary Ann Aiello filed for local historic-preservation status for St. Mary’s, hoping to make it harder for the county to touch it. Now that the threat has passed, however, the Diocese of Rockford opposes historic-preservation status, which it regards as an unconstitutional infringement on the rights of the Church. (The Institute of Christ the King, which administers St. Mary’s, also opposes the designation.) Indeed, Bishop Thomas Doran has stated that, if the city of Rockford designates St. Mary’s an historic landmark, he will have no choice but to fight the case all the way to the Supreme Court, and, in the meantime, he will close St. Mary’s. He has unequivocally stated, however, that, if he has to close St. Mary’s, the Latin Mass will continue in Rockford at a different location.