Seven priests honored as Monsignors

There are now seven more reasons to celebrate during the diocese’s centennial year. Seven diocesan priests have been honored by Pope Benedict XVI for years of what Bishop Thomas G. Doran called “double duty. In this Centennial Year of celebration, it is a privilege to announce that yet another group of outstanding priests has been honored by our Holy Father,” Bishop Doran said. Bishop Doran announced Tuesday, March 11, that Fathers Aaron Brodeski, Daniel Deutsch, Timothy Doherty, Martin Heinz, Gerald Kobbeman, Michael Kurz and Robert Sweeney have been named Chaplains to the Holy Father, according them the title of Monsignor. Each of the priests was officially informed of the honor at a personal meeting with Bishop Doran in his office at the Diocesan Administration Center. Bishop Doran told The Observer after the meetings that “many may wonder why certain priests are selected while others are not.”