launched with goal of ousting college president who created firestorm by inviting Obama to address the (formerly) Catholic Notre Dame University is a national effort consisting of Notre Dame graduates and financial supporters. We feel strongly that the University should not honor President Barack Obama given his well known commitment to abortion in the broadest possible context. Father Jenkins’ decision to honor President Obama directly violates the 2004 US Conference of Catholic Bishops’ directive on Catholics in Political Life and is offensive to all Catholics. That decision, together with other poor decisions over the years, calls into question Father Jenkins’ judgment and leadership. Although we love Notre Dame, our conscience requires that we withhold all financial support from our University until such time as Father Jenkins is replaced as Notre Dame’s President with someone who will be more loyal to the teaching of the Catholic Church. fully supports academic freedom at the University of Notre Dame, but we believe that the truths revealed by Christ through His Church must be taught and defended by a faithful Catholic University. is a non-partisan group which is not opposed to President Obama or Father Jenkins based upon political motivation or party affiliation, but is opposed to their actions and pronouncements which run contrary to the fundamental moral principles of our Catholic faith. No part of our effort is intended to be an attack on President Obama or Father Jenkins personally; rather, our concern relates solely to the actions of both men and is intended to serve as a strong condemnation of Father Jenkins’ moral leadership and President Obama’s unequivocal support of abortion.