Center for Bio Ethical Reform Pro-Life Billboards and Fly-overs Are Controlling the Media Regarding Obama Visit

Today, the Center for Bio Ethical Reform begins its 12th day of operations of the Obama Awareness Campaign in South Bend, IN. For almost two full weeks CBR has been making abortion real to UND students, faculty, and trustees. Because of CBR, TV news casts, newspaper editorial pages, and letters to the editor have been focused on one issue – abortion. Everywhere you turn abortion is the talk of the town. The blogs are going wild! “Some in the media want to make this about CBR’s tactics (use of abortion pictures in public) and not abortion. The fact is our tactic makes the media focus on abortion. They don’t really want run stories about abortion but they are compelled to do so because of the controversy that the pictures create” said Mark Harrington, CBR Midwest Director.