Socioeconomic encyclical to be released by the Vatican this summer

The socioeconomic encyclical that has been in development for some time is known to begin with the Latin words “Caritas in veritate.” It is expected to be signed by the pope on June 29, and released at the beginning of summer. It underwent various revisions, all of which left Benedict XVI dissatisfied until the last one. Unlike the encyclical on hope, written by the pope himself from the first line to the last, and unlike the encyclical on charity, the first half of which was also written entirely by the pope, many minds and many hands have worked on “Caritas in Veritate.” But in any case, Benedict XVI will leave his mark on it, already visible in the words of the title, which indissolubly link charity and truth. There is a great deal of curiosity about what kind of mark this will be. Because little is known about Joseph Ratzinger’s thought in matters of economics. Out of his vast body of writings, there is only one dedicated expressly to this topic. It is a conference given in English in 1985, entitled “Market economy and ethics.”