Pro-life groups call for pickets at National Education Association’s convention in San Diego next month

Pro-Lifers are invited to come picket the National Education Association leadership’s pro-abortion policies, actions, and agenda at the San Diego Convention Center on July 2 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and at NEA state affiliate headquarters in cities across America from 11 a.m. through 1 p.m. (local times). “By peacefully and prayerfully picketing the NEA’s convention and offices across America, pro-life citizens can publicly reaffirm that we express our concern, compassion, and desire for true justice through lawful and constitutional means using reason and rational discourse in the American tradition of the public square,” said Bob Pawson of Pro-Life Educators and Students (PLEAS). “We’re encouraging pro-life leaders, teachers, parents, students, clergy, and everybody to mobilize their pro-life groups, friends, and family members,” said Gingi Edmonds of ProLife Opinion. “President Obama may address NEA’s 9,000 delegates to thank them for endorsing and getting him elected.”