Pravda Update: US radio listeners are hearing voices from an inter-faith background, some of whom have stances at odds with the faith traditions they purport to represent

Those interfaith voices you’ve been hearing in your head are for real – at least, they are if you ever listen to public radio’s “religion news magazine.” During one week, the show describes Christianity from the perspective of its “mavericks” and conducts an interview with a Nichiren-Buddhist actress and a Shambhala-Buddhist singer-songwriter. It discusses holy hugs, listens to Vietnam War stories, and covers the celebration of the founding of the Baha’i religion. The program doesn’t simply introduce different “faith traditions” to one another but “deals with a wide range of issues where theology intersects with public policy, including social justice, war and peace, electoral politics, separation of church (synagogue/mosque, etc.) and state, human rights, sexual and reproductive issues, racial/ethnic discrimination, women’s rights and many more.” In other words, while there is no pros elytizing for any particular faith tradition, there is a platform for a particular social perspective that frequently contradicts the “tradition” in a given “faith traditions.”