SLOVAKIA: Worldwide Prolife Support to Slovak Parliament Defeats Abortionists

Informed consent before abortion has been adopted by the Slovak Parliament establishing a mandatory counseling requirement, a 3 days waiting period, and mandatory parental/guardian consent requirements for minors within the current Slovak abortion law. International abortion groups’ pressure, coordinated by the US based pro-abortion network “center for reproductive rights”, called for rejection of the amendment claiming that it was “in conflict with women’s rights to privacy, physical integrity and autonomy, confidentiality, health, and non-discrimination.” A letter signed by 19 pro-abortion organizations/networks and 7 individuals was sent to all Slovak policy makers, quoting the World Health Organization: “Parental notification or authorization is considered a requirement that deters women from seeking timely care and may lead them to risk self-induced abortion or clandestine services”, and also quoting the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).