Cap and Trade Passes U.S. House: Kirk, 7 other Republicans, Vote for Greatest Tax Increase in U.S. History

“Cap and Trade”. The official name for the bill is the “American Clean Energy and Security Act”. HR2454 passed in the U.S. House of Representatives late Friday evening, June 26th. The bill–which will be the greatest tax increase in American history–received 219 “aye” votes and 212 “nay” votes. 211 Democrats and eight Republicans voted “yes”, 44 Democrats and 168 Republicans voted “no”. Therefore, it can safely be said, the votes of eight Republicans may lead to a legislative disaster of the greatest proportions. The title of the bill is misleading. In reality, the legislation will not benefit the environment. HR2454 is solely designed to further redistribute American wealth, give more control to big government and put the U.S. economy on a path towards total destruction.