Homosexual Chicago Public School CEO Ron Huberman Meets with Homosexual Activists to Begin Incorporating Their Demands into CPS Policies

Homosexual CEO of Chicago Public Schools Ron Huberman told the crowd that “he was excited to hear” their proposals and that he was coming “to this with a sensitivity to the issue,” adding that he came out 20 years ago when he was a 15-year-old high school student. The atmosphere, he said, was different then. ‘We’ve come miles since,’ he added, but a lot of progress still must be made.” Lest anyone harbor the delusion that Huberman’s homosexuality is irrelevant to his job, he’s just told us with utter clarity that it is. He’s also told us that to him progress is measured by the degree to which society rejects historical, orthodox Judeo-Christian views of homosexuality. The Chicago Free Press reported that Huberman told Gender Just that “some of the demands made at the forum are already being looked into.” Great homosexual activist minds think alike.