House Subcommittee Further Strips Funding for Abstinence Education Efforts

A House subcommittee last week further stripped the ability of community abstinence education programs to obtain federal funds for their work. Led by pro-abortion Rep. David Obey, a Wisconsin Democrat, a House appropriations subcommittee stripped even more funding from the federal budget. The House Committee on Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor HHS passed the Fiscal Year 2010 appropriations bill but not before it further targeted abstinence education. Although both sides of the abstinence debate say the language in the bill needs more analysis, the first glance makes it appear that abstinence education funding will be eliminated or severely curtailed. Obey included $114.5 million for a new teenage pregnancy prevention initiative that Obama is calling for, but the funds are expected to go to groups like Planned Parenthood that perform and promote abortions.