Restoring Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral is one family’s labor of love

For the last two years, Bob Rigali Sr. and his five children have poured their collective heart and soul into renovating Holy Name Cathedral. For more than a century, generations of the Rigali family have contributed to Chicago’s Catholic landscape, restoring houses of worship with their signature marble statues, hand-painted murals, ornamental altars and storytelling stained glass. Their work on the latest restoration of Holy Name — closed for renovations for six months last year, only to be shut again when fire badly damaged it in February — was revealed to the public Friday. It’s the realization of a dream deferred five decades ago when Rigali’s father was passed over for the renovations made to accommodate liturgical reforms prescribed by Vatican II. “We’re here now,” said Rigali, 77, recalling how crushed his father was when he learned Cardinal John Cody had hired a friend from Italy. “We’re making up for it.”