Concerned Roman Catholics Blast the K of C Double-Standard on Abortion

Concerned Roman Catholics of America (CRCOA) monitored the proceedings at the Knights of Columbus Supreme Convention, held this year in Phoenix, Arizona, from Aug. 4-6. The K of C, the world’s largest Catholic fraternal group, are notorious for their continuing failure to expel pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians. CRCOA President Ken Fisher stated: “Over three days of wining and dining by Knights, cardinals, bishops and guests, 10,000 of our pre-born brothers and sisters were killed by abortion in the USA and Canada. We heard the usual empty rhetoric from Supreme Knight Carl Anderson and saw more resolutions passed for show. If the K of C ever enforces these resolutions, we will be glad to report it. In 2008, only 11% ($3.4 of $32.3 million) given by Home Office to charity went to pro-life. By contrast, $3.8 million went to the K of C museum!