American Nuns Honor Pro-Abortion Cokie Roberts as Vatican Investigation Continues: Roberts has attacked Pope Benedict XVI as “really lacking in the theological virtue of charity.”

While American Catholic nuns continue to undergo scrutiny from a Vatican investigation, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) invited Cokie Roberts, a political commentator who has criticized the Church’s prohibition against abortion, contraception, and homosexuality, as the keynote speaker for their annual meeting this week. Another Catholic group, Supporting Our Aging Religious (SOAR), has announced it will host a dinner in honor of Roberts and her husband Steve in November of this year. New Orleans native Cokie Roberts spoke at the LCWR summit in the same city Tuesday, according to a Times-Picayune report. Cokie Roberts, a Roman Catholic, is an ABC News political commentator and National Public Radio senior news analyst who has spoken out against laws restricting abortion. Roberts characterized the partial-birth abortion ban as “cynical game-playing” by pro-life activists, and said she found it “offensive as a woman” that the Supreme Court upheld the ban in 2007.