Herod Slaughters Where the Cross Does Not Come

“Better ten graves than one extra birth,” preaches a slogan of the one-child campaign in China. And this is also the title of the book in which Harry Wu has described and analyzed the Chinese anti-childbearing policy, made up of sterilization, forced abortion, infanticide. The book was released in the United States, where Wu lives – in exile from China – and heads the Laogai Research Foundation. And now it has also been released in Italy, just as the parliament approved, on July 15, a motion that requires the Italian government to present to the general assembly of the United Nations a resolution against abortion as a means of population control, and for the affirmation of the right of every woman not to be forced to abort. In China, the obligatory one-child policy was introduced in 1979. Wu’s assessment of these thirty years is expressed well in the title of his book in its Italian version: “Slaughter of innocents.”