Church to celebrate feast days of St. Monica and son, St. Augustine

This week Catholics will honor the lives of St. Monica and her son, St. Augustine. Through trust and persistent prayer of his mother, St. Augustine converted and became one of the most influential thinkers of the Church. August 27 marks the feast day of St. Monica. Born of Christian parents in Tagaste, North Africa in 333, Monica’s life can never be separated from that of her son, the great St. Augustine, convert, bishop, and doctor of the Church. What we know of her for the most part is the account that Augustine gives of her in his Confessions. We are told but little of her childhood. She was married early in life to a man named Patritius who held an official position in Tagaste. He was a pagan, though like so many at that period, his religion was no more than a name; his temper was violent and his habits appeared to be immoral.