The case against Archbishop John Favalora of Miami: why he must resign

RenewAmerica readers who have followed the column of my colleague Matt C. Abbott are well aware of the spiritual travails afflicting what Abbott has rightfully called “one of the worst – if not the worst – archdiocese in terms of the presence of non-celibate homosexual clergy.” I thought of titling this article, “Call for a Catholic Tea Party.” For precisely what the Church in America needs is for Catholics, and all concerned Christian conservatives, to make their voices heard, to demonstrate and to petition for the removal of spiritually negligent pastors, especially the bishops. There are ways to do this without degenerating into schism or affiliating with “irregular” factions of the Catholic far-right. For those who have not been following the tawdry saga, let me take the time to recapitulate it. In 2004, a group of concerned lay Catholics of the Miami Archdiocese constituted themselves a lay “watchdog” organization, under the name Christifidelis. They were moved to do so by what they have alleged is a gay superculture running the archdiocese.