Guess Who Baltimore CCHD Is Funding? Links to Recent Prostitution Sting Videos at ACORN Office

Just what stellar organization won grants in 2008 from Baltimore’s Catholic Campaign for Human Development? Hint – you’ll go NUTS over them! Yes. Catholics of Baltimore, watch the following (two parts ) to see your contribution dollars – at work! Now let’s take a look at the Baltimore CCHD’s 2008 Grants. Some careful examination is in order because this thing might be a bit tricky. For instance, look at the “National Economic Development Grants” section. What’s the second item? Why, it shows that $35,000 was granted in 2008 to that same organization that was just busted giving advice to a pimp and a prostitute on how to set up a brothel, on video. (To see the videos at YouTube click VIDEO ONE and VIDEO TWO) Did you note the identical addresses? Just below that you read a disclaimer stating that “no national CCHD funds will go to ACORN..” Well, that’s nice! But what about local CCHD funds??