Pastors Arrested at White House – Update

Pastor Stephen Broden and I knew that we were risking arrest on the National Day of Prayer if prayed in front of the White House. This is one three places where it is illegal to pray in America – a public school classroom, on the steps of the United States Supreme Court and in front of the White House. However, we are living in a time when Christians must be bold like Daniel and let people see them praying when it becomes illegal to do so. Keep in mind that the current administration, like many California schools, have not problem with religious activities, just Christian activities and prayer. We started the day with a message to those around us that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, BHO is not. That was fine. However when we knelt to pray, that was the activity that put everything in action. Yellow tape went into place and people were ordered to leave the restricted area. We received three warnings to cease and desist. Someone in the White House ordered the water sprinklers to be turned even though there was overcast and it had rained earler. We got wet but we kept on praying. After we were handcuffed the water sprinklers were turned off. In the paddy wagon, it was revival. It was as if Jesus was sitting between us. Pastor Broden led the song “Victory is Mine!?