On the Catholic New World’s Mis-information of CCI’s Position on CCHD: “Can’t we Catholics all get along? Or get things straight?”

Catholic Citizens is a conservative group. The New World is published by the archdiocese, giver of money to ACORN, the heavily besmirched organization of community organizations on the Alinsky model. Catholic Citizens of Illinois have opposed this giving, having hosted and heard out the man from the Capital Research Center, which keeps track of who gives what to whom… Oops. Back to the drawing board for Rey Flores and – who knows? – the New World too. At least the latter has to do something – run a skinback or stand its ground one way or another. The writer may have been (inadvertently) misled by Flores, but it’s important that she and her newspaper get this straight – online right now and in a week or so when their next hard copy comes out.