Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good: Soros Sponsored Trojan Horse Organization With an Anti-Catholic Agenda Is Out Shilling for CCHD

After the elections of 2004, Democrat political groups attributed much of their losses to an inability to connect with religious voters. Democrat pundits and politicians identified this weakness and began to make feeble attempts to apply a Christian moral equivalence to what were often clearly immoral and anti-religious policies. Today in the wake of the 2008 election, we can see how successful the Democratic strategy was to use the American Catholic “social justice” apparatus to produce Christian votes. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good was a key element in this overall strategy. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (CACG) was founded in 2005. Alexia Kelly is the director and claims to be the principle founder, but many individuals have worked to build this organization. The CACG and other similar political organizations, such as Catholics United, Pax Christi, Network, Center of Concern, Just Faith, and Call to Action work closely together and share leadership. Their direction and affiliations however extend well beyond these Catholic-focused groups to Democrat party operatives and funding sources, Unions, Catholic leadership universities and charity organizations, national politicians, and now the White House.