“Many philosophical and theological implications” Pontifical Academy of Sciences considers possibility of extraterrestrial life

The conclusions of a study week on astrobiology, organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and the Vatican Observatory, were presented this morning in the Holy See Press Office. Participating in the press conference were Fr. Jose Funes S.J., director of the Vatican Observatory; Jonathan Lunine, professor at the department of physics at Rome’s Tor Vergata University; Chris Impey, professor at the department of astronomy at the University of Arizona and the Steward Observatory in Tucson, AZ, and Athena Coustenis, professor at the “Observatoire de Paris-Meudon,” LESIA/CNRS, France. “Why is the Vatican involved in astrobiology?” asked Fr. Funes in his remarks. “Although astrobiology is an emerging field and still a developing subject, the questions of life’s origins and of whether life exists elsewhere in the universe are very interesting and deserve serious consideration. These questions offer many philosophical and theological implications”.