“Archdiocese Bankrolls Return of Religious Left” – Chicago Attorney Identifies Problems with CCHD in 1995 Article

(CCI NOTES: In our files on the CCHD, we came across this article published in Crain’s Chicago Business, written in l995 by Joseph A. Morris.) “IAF’s strategy, by contrast, is to spawn local organizations that derive their clout from church affiliations and seek to maximize their ability to influence government. They demand subsidies, heightened regulation and direct government intervention in community life. In Chicago, the Catholic Church rightly lobbies for privatization of the Department of Children and Family Services and calls for parental empowerment through education vouchers. Meanwhile, however, church money goes to groups that oppose privatization and school choice and that beat the drum for a radical, big-government agenda. The religious left, pretending to be non-partisan, calls for more expansive and expensive government.