The left’s definition of ‘hatred’ – Progressives’ need for constant validation ? or else!!

What do Adam Lambert, Cass Sunstein, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama have in common? They share it with countless other political leftists – those who can be described, variously, as “liberals” (a euphemism that belies the word’s roots and traditional meanings), as “progressives” (another euphemism that confuses or mislabels as progress what is merely invasive government control), often as “Democrats” and perhaps most accurately as “socialists.” They use the technology of popular culture mass-media – television and, increasingly, streaming/real-time or downloaded video and audio available online, which forms an increasing portion of Americans’ entertainment and news consumption – to tell us, over and over again, what we should think because they think it. This is a fundamental expression of insecurity. It is the need for validation, and it forms the backbone of all left-wing sociopolitical thought.