Free the ND 88 Petition Launched: Asks Notre Dame to Drop Charges against Pro-Life Protesters

Today, a petition to “Free the Notre Dame 88” was launched. The petition is co-sponsored by Human Life International (HLI), the Thomas More Society and It is addressed to University of Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins, and urges him publicly to ask that the charges against the 88 pro-lifers who were arrested on the Notre Dame campus in May of last year be dropped. “During the Obama scandal controversy, Fr. Jenkins repeatedly assured us that he and Notre Dame are 100% pro-life. Yet, now he is refusing even this tiniest of olive branches to these 88 pro-lifers,” said HLI President and Notre Dame Alumnus Fr. Thomas Euteneuer. “Asking that the charges be dropped will cost Fr. Jenkins absolutely nothing, but it could save the ND88 from a protracted trial process, and possible jail time. As long as this situation persists with Notre Dame’s cooperation, how can Fr. Jenkins possibly expect us to take him seriously?”