ARROGANCE UPDATE: Sen. Candidate Coakley announces ‘Catholics Need Not Apply’ and pro-lifers “probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room”

A new Suffolk University poll shows Republican Scott Brown pulling ahead in the MA Senate race against Democrat Martha Coakley 50% to 46%. Boston Herald reported the shocking irony were Brown to win: “But if Brown’s momentum holds, he is poised to succeed the late Sen. Edward Kennedy – and to halt health-care reform, the issue the late senator dubbed ‘the cause of my life’.” From the Washington Post… “The new Suffolk numbers come just as the television airwaves have reached their saturation point – one Republican tells the Fix there is almost no tv time left to buy.” What that likely means is… paid media for both sides will likely cancel itself out and the final few days will be a battle for so-called earned media – aka press coverage by the state’s newspapers, television channels and radio stations.