Dominican Nuns Taught Oprah Winfrey the Rosary

Oprah Winfrey was surprised after her recent show featuring the Dominican Sisters of Mary when the sisters in the studio said they had a present for her. “No one ever gives me a present,” the television star said. Then, as Sr. Teresa Benedicta related in a talk before a packed gathering at The Bean of Ave Maria Tuesday night, “the sisters gave Oprah a rosary, and taught her how to pray it. She seemed really interested.” The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, is one of the fastest-growing orders of women religious in the United States. Founded 12 years ago, it now has 98 women and has run out of space at its mother house in Michigan, Sr. Teresa Benedicta said. The sisters’ appearance on national television earlier in February may attract even more women to the order, whose average age is 26. “We had 70 interested women signed up to attend a retreat,” Sr. Teresa Benedicta said, “and after the broadcast we now have 135.”