The Obamacare Nightmare: US Catholic Bishops offer little help with Senate on Obamacare

…in spite of this monstrous legislation that forces US citizens to purchase health care under threat of legal penalty; increases the power of the IRS as health care enforcer; creates 111 new government bureaucracies; retains “death panels”; promotes “end of life” counseling; penalizes marriage, and makes provisions for Federal agents to invade our homes to “inspect” our children, all the United States Bishops objected to – in a letter to the Senate on December 22 – were three points. They want the Health Care bill to “Keep in place current federal law on abortion funding and conscious protections on abortion”, “Protect the access to health care that immigrants [regardless of status] now have, and remove the barriers to access” – in other words, the bishops support government health care for illegal aliens, and “Include strong provisions for adequate affordability and coverage standards.”-in other words, the bishops complain that the bill still leaves 23 million people without medical coverage. This must be corrected so the government guarantees every person in the country is given health care…”