Illinois Senate passed marriage redefinition bill; ‘Catholic’ governor promises to sign it

The heavily Democratic Illinois Senate voted mostly along party lines Thursday to approve a bill redefining marriage in the state to include homosexual couples. The vote was 34-21, with three Democrats voting against the bill and only one Republican voting for it. Two additional Democrats voted “present.”

Democratic Governor Pat Quinn, who is Catholic, has been publicly urging passage of a same-sex “marriage” bill for months, despite his Church’s strong opposition. If the bill passes the House for Quinn’s signature, Illinois would become the nation’s tenth state to allow same-sex “marriages,” along with the District of Columbia.

“Today, we are one step closer to marriage equality in Illinois,” said Governor Quinn on Thursday. “Couples across Illinois have even more reason today to celebrate their love for each other, thanks to the hard work of committed advocates and lawmakers. This historic legislation will strengthen our state by allowing all committed couples to enjoy the same legal protections and benefits of marriage.”