Action Alert

Action Alert!
May 10, 2013
Provide public comment to the FCC urging them not to relax current broadcast decency standards.

The Federal Communication Commission (“FCC” or “the Commission”) has announced that it is seeking public comment on a proposal that seeks to relax its regulations that enforce the broadcast decency laws enacted by Congress. Under the new proposal and new FCC practices, the Commission would focus its enforcement resources only on “egregious” cases of broadcast indecency.

Apparently, the Commission would like to allow “fleeting” uses of the most profane language. It would also like to allow instances of “isolated (non-sexual) nudity.” One can only imagine where this would go.

The FCC’s effort to weaken the indecency standards is especially incomprehensible. It is doing this even after the United States Supreme Court examined its indecency rules and declined to strike them down. In fact, Chief Justice Roberts told broadcasters that they were now on notice that the standards in place could be enforced. Furthermore, the Commission has dismissed thousands of complaints that were “stale” only because the FCC failed to act on them in a timely manner.