Cardinal George calls for “more stringent regulation of the abortion industry.”

Today, Francis Cardinal George, OMI, released a strong statement regarding the verdict in the Kermit Gosnell murder trial.

“I am grateful that the jury in the Kermit Gosnell murder trial recognized the value and dignity of children born alive after an attempted abortion. I hope that the scrutiny this trial has received will bring a greater public recognition of the extremity of America’s abortion laws and a more stringent regulation of the abortion industry. I ask people of good will to join me in praying for the day where every child, born and unborn, will be respected in life and fully protected by law and, in a particular way, I reiterate the promise made by the Catholic Church and the pro-life community that any woman who feels she has no “choice” but to end the life of her unborn child can come to us for assistance and support.”

His call for “more stringent regulations of the abortion industry” is something that many in the pro-life movement have been pushing for in recent years. Just a few weeks ago, I quoted Jill Stanek’s blog on access vs. safety. With the Gosnell trial and Live Action’s undercover videos, the drumbeat for more regulations has been intensifying. It’s about time that we made sure these places of death, at a minimum, are inspected regularly.