Moscow defies EU, prohibits gay pride march out of ‘respect for morality’

The Moscow city government has rejected an application for a homosexual march permit for the eighth year in a row, citing the need for “respect for morality” and patriotism, according to Russian media sources.

“According to Russian law, we must work clearly and consistently on maintaining morality, directed to the teaching of patriotism to the growing generation, and not toward unclear aspirations, not to mention taking the city’s central squares and streets for this,” said Aleksei Mayorov, head of Regional Security for the city of Moscow, according to Interfax

If homosexual activists defy the law and attempt to march as they have in previous years, Mayorov warned that “a certain reaction will follow and the action will be thwarted,” according to RIA Novosti. “In our opinion there is no desire for such events in the city.”