March on the Media’: Live Action organizing protests demanding unbiased reporting on abortion

Citing a dire need for honest reporting, pro-life powerhouse Live Action is launching a “March on the Media” campaign targeting ABC, CBS and NBC, the three largest American news networks.

“Like it or not, the major news networks have huge influence in our country,” said Live Action President Lila Rose. “Millions of Americans get a sense of the world through national filters like ABC, CBS, and NBC. So it’s inexcusable when these networks, in whom so much public trust is invested, refuse to report the facts on one of the most pressing human rights issues of our time.”

“A change is long overdue for our big news distributors,” said Live Action President Lila Rose. “It’s time for these networks to end their blackout of the truth on abortion – how it irreparably harms women, babies, and society.”