Absurd: Catholic groups and Planned Parenthood receive $1.4 million to enroll customers in Obamacare

This article originally appeared in this issue of the WSR: 2013-08-21

While it is outrageous that Planned Parenthood is receiving more than a million dollars in federal “navigator” grants to enroll customers in Obamacare, it is not a surprise. It is even more outrageous to learn that two Catholic organizations applied for and received “navigator” grants to facilitate enrolling people in Obamacare. Ascension Health, the largest Catholic and nonprofit health system, received a $202,706 navigator grant in Alabama and $165,683 in Kansas. Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Mobile received $20,750. Obamacare will, of course, require employers to provide insurance that pays for abortifacient contraceptives, sterilizations, and-pursuant to section 1303 of Obamacare-includes a $1 abortion surcharge for the exchange programs.